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Mac Development:
Entertainment, Inc.

System requirements:

Mac OS 8.6 or Higher
Mac OS X also
Power Macintosh G3/233 Mhz


Heretic II sets you upon an epic quest across an entire continent to find a means to cleanse a world infected with a deadly magical plague that has victimized the people of the realm. As Corvus – the character from Heretic who has been banished to the Outer Worlds by D'sparil – you perform a variety of acrobatic, swimming and climbing maneuvers in order to penetrate the mystery of the plague. Exploring city, swamp, canyon and dungeon levels, you use a variety of offensive and defensive spells such as the Sphere of Annihilation, Repulsion and Fireball in conjunction with a magical bow and staff to defeat a multitude of insane plague-ridden denizens of Parthoris.