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Contraband Entertainment was formed by a group of experienced game development professionals. Created to be a "Fresh Start", Contraband has gathered some of the best game designers, artists and programmers from along the last decade. Project leads at Contraband have anywhere from six to twenty five years of game development under their belts.

Contraband personnel has been involved in game development for over eighteen years, a career ranging from the Atari 2600 to Windows XP and modern consoles. With dozens of completed games to their names, and the hard-earned experience from their past work, Contraband management and Production staff have "The right stuff" for game development in the 21st century.

Contraband develops original game titles. Starting from a blank page, Contraband is experienced at developing new games from internal designs and external concepts. Project Manager and Designers at Contraband are adept at the task of creating comprehensive Game Design Guides, Story References, and Technical Design Documents.

Attention to detail, careful planning and passion for the game concept lead to well designed, fun games that beat the trend of poorly planned, over-late and over budget creations.

Contraband Entertainment, Inc. takes pride in the vast array of consoles and operating systems it can develop games for. Here are a few:

Windows XP and Vista
XBox Classic and Xbox 360
Nintendo GameCube, Wii, DS and Gameboy Advance
Sony PSP, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3
Even Atari 2600, SNES, and Game Boy Color technology is available.